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Complete. First published Nov 06, 2017. "He's my true love. My angel. My protector." Your twin brother Billy and stepsister Max move to a small town called Hawkins. It seems nice until you're gripped between popularity and love and shadows of.

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2019. 11. 3. · It was only eight weeks ago since the party and the event that took place with a certain Alpha. An Alpha who happened to be Billy Hargrove. Which resulted in two lines showing up on a pregnancy test. A pregnant Omega. Y/N had always rejected him for his reputation of bedding Omegas but wanted to give him a chance anyway.

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2019. 8. 25. · Billy Hargrove x Reader (Cat) T/W: Self Harm (Cat), Abuse, Slight Eating Disorder Cat has a lot of issues. This will be a multi chapter series with fluff, smut, angst, all the things. I moved to the small town of Hawkins right as summer started. My parents had gotten divorced and I had left with my mom to live closer to her family.

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Billy x reader. You patch Billy up on a regular basis, ... Max had started to put together how terrified Billy was that his dad would start taking out his anger on her too. ... Giant!” You giggle, fingers attacking his sides. Enemy - Billy Hargrove . You and Billy didn’t exactly like eachother;.

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summary: taking place after the events of stranger things 3, the reader finds herself falling for boy next door, billy hargrove, after moving to hawkins during winter break of 1985.. warnings: abuse, angst, fluff, cussing, drinking, smoking, stranger things season 3 spoilers!! a/n: i am so so so sorry I've been so ia!! i really got carried away with this concept and love the idea of turning.

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Billy Hargrove, didn’t expect you to be with a fine lady like y/n. I thought it was rumor.” He smirked causing Billy’s blood to boil pissing him off. He calmed down slightly when he felt your hand on his back. “ Billy lets just go.

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